Some products and containers may become unavailable to us from time to time. In the event a product is unavailable at the time of order,  we will substitute with an item of equal or greater value and as close to your original item as possible. 


When will my order ship?


Can I customize my gift?


Can I pick out the products or pick up my gift at your store?


Do you ship chocolate?


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Can I add a personal item to incude in my gift?
  • We love adding personal touches to all the gifts we create, and go to great lengths to find meaningful items from our shop to include.We do personal shopping for items that we do not carry and that you request.  A charge for the cost of the personal item plus an additional 20% will be added to your bill. If the item is easily accessible from the corner store (magazines, sodas, and such), there will be no added charge. You also have an option to ship or drop off any personal items you would like included in your gift.


What Shipping Courier Do You Use?


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Can you include alcohol in a gift?


What if I need to order a large quantity of gifts for a specific date?


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My order is a gift. Can you make sure not to include any packing slip or receipt in my delivery?


Can you create event maps, and weekend itineraries for our welcome or event gifts?